Awakening at a glance
Company milestones
Recent product releases
Without doubt, Awakening Worldwide and its divisions have covered considerable ground over the past decade. Along the way there have been some notable success stories.
Awakening created in January 2000
First book launched: 'The Sirah of the Final Prophet' (pbuh)
First audio CD launched: 'Al-Ma’thurat'
Book sales for 2000: 10,000
New audio documentaries released
First lecture series launched: 'The Life of Muhammad' (pbuh) on 16CDs
New warehouse opened employing the latest logistics and warehousing technologies
Shopping with Awakening becomes easier with the launch of our online store AwakeningStore, a dedicated sales line and an improved worldwide mail order service
AwakeningStore is expanded to include both retail and wholesale purchasing areas
Our new products at AwakeningStore are complemented by a range of new services, eg. online audio lectures by renowned scholars
The opt-in AwakeningStore mailing list expands rapidly – subscribers benefit from being kept informed about new developments and are able to take advantage of special discounted prices
Global logistics partnerships established with international couriers DHL and UPS
'Mother of the Believers' by Imam Suhaib Webb is launched
A brand new line of music products is launched bringing with it such names as Sami Yusuf and Mesut Kurtis
A global talent search is launched to find the very best in musicians and performers
Sami Yusuf launches 'Al-Mu'allim' to worldwide acclaim goes live offering news, galleries, video, album lyrics and tour information
Exceptional sales are recorded for 'Al-Mu'allim' - 65,000 units in just 3 months
Sami Yusuf is performs at London’s Royal Albert Hall
The first music video from Al-Mu'allim is launched on satellite television and at Sami’s website
Mesut Kurtis releases his debut album 'Salawat'
Our tenth book is launched
The moving video to Supplication airs
The groundbreaking second album by Sami Yusuf is launched. My Ummah breaks sales records and generates worldwide interest in both Awakening and Sami Yusuf
The amazing video for Sami’s 'Hasbi Rabbi' airs - fast paced, modern and filmed in four countries!
Awakening recording artists embark on tours across the world
Awakening’s Egypt office is opened
Two new artists for 2006: Hamza Robertson and Nazeel Azami
Our 100th live concert is successfully held
Album tracks are made available to purchase and download at iTunes Music Store and MSN Music providing a new source of revenue
Awakening signs its 15th distribution partner
Mobile communications multinational Vodafone sponsors the broadcast of Sami Yusuf’s videos on satellite television
Sami Yusuf performs live at Wembley Arena to raise money for Islamic Relief’s Darfur appeal. A true landmark concert from Awakening Entertainment featuring world renowned musicians and groups, a complete orchestra, state of the art lighting and visuals plus a broadcast from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom the Rt Hon. Gordon Brown MP. A staggering £2.2 million is raised!
The release of a ground-breaking photography book entitled the ‘Art of Integration’ with a foreword by HRH Prince of Wales
Awakening Worldwide sponsors the Mosaic Awards
Worldwide release of two new DVD titles by Sami Yusuf: 'On:Camera' and 'Live at Wembley Arena - A Concert for Peace'. Both titles are available in PAL and NTSC formats
Awakening Records signs Maher, Hussein Zahawy, Irfan Makki and Hamza Namira
Awakening Publications releases 'Man & The Universe'
Awakening Records releases the new album 'Beloved' by Mesut Kurtis
Awakening Worldwide opens two new offices, the headquarters in London and a branch office in France
Awakening attends the largest convention of its kind in France. Over 120,000 people got the chance to see Awakening and its showcase of products
Awakening Records releases its first animated music video for an Islamic audience
Awakening signs distribution deals in Indonesia
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