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Awakening Publications represents a major step forward in the quality of Islamic books in the Western market. It has consistently set new benchmarks in the areas of cover design, layout, paper, editing and translation.

Awakening Publications publishes Islamic works which have been originated in the English language; and those which have been translated. The division produces a wide range of classical and contemporary works by renowned authors covering areas such spirituality, biographies, identity and humour.

General release titles will carry the Awakening Publications publisher identity, however this division also targets specific markets with three imprint labels: Renaissance Press, Rising Kids and Exploring Islam.

Renaissance Press is the academic label of Awakening Publications which specialises in introducing intellectual analysis, new ideas and aspires to contribute to the intellectual discourse on Islam and Muslims.
Rising Kids focuses on producing Islamic books and creative educational resources for children.
Exploring Islam Press caters for the mainstream non-Muslim audience producing titles which explore Islam, shatter misconceptions and introduce basic Islamic concepts on a range of topics.
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