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Awakening Records oversees and coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, promotion, and enforcement of copyright protection of sound recordings and music videos; conducts A&R which involves identifying, developing and promoting recording artists by providing them with music training, and striving to maximise the potential of each artist by managing their musical careers.

Awakening Records actively seeks out the most promising talents through its A&R department that has representatives attending small shows to identify promising talents. Our A&R department receives demos from aspiring artists on a daily basis which it sifts through and establishes contact with the most promising of them.

We oversee the career planning of artists signed to the label. It actually invests into the future of its artists by providing them with vocal coaches, language, pronunciation and elocution classes, as well as music theory training as and when required, and supports the artist throughout their career with the record label.

Awakening Records has its own recording studios thereby significantly reducing production costs. We’ve also built an extensive network of contacts in the music industry enabling us to have access to world class recording studios, sound engineers, producers, lyricists and musicians at a moment's notice.
All avenues of marketing and promotion are used to promote the artists and albums of Awakening Records. From posters, flyers, and billboards to radio, print, and TV adverts. Awakening Records has also established strong links with leading magazines, newspapers, TV stations and journalists in this field enabling us to arrange for our artists to be interviewed and for their albums to be reviewed on a regular basis.
Awakening Records has established an extensive distribution network covering most parts of the globe. We have existing agreements with distributors in these territories making our products easily available. We also operate our own website (www.awakeningstore.com) with e-commerce facilities integrated with dedicated fulfillment centres enabling us to sell directly to the public without a middle-man, thereby raising profitability.
Awakening Records has been in collaboration with Paramount Pictures regarding The Kite Runner, Marc Forster’s film. Hailed by Vanity Fair as “one of the year’s best films” and by the Chicago Sun as “a Magnificent Film”. 'Supplication' by Sami Yusuf was selected for inclusion in the film, plus he was commissioned to compose a song for the film, entitled 'A Thousand Times'.
Expanding artist roster and increasing the number of releases per annum. Steadily increasing sales and media interest.
Consolidating reach in the West, Turkey, Middle East and South East Asia and breaking into new territories such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Indian sub-continent
Distribution infrastructure improvement and copyright regulations tightening
Digital distribution opportunities enabling direct sales to consumers. Expansion of direct distribution, online sales and self-distribution to increase margin
Tapping into other revenue streams for artists – merchandise, DVD, sponsorship and product endorsement
Opportunity to reduce music video costs and album production via use of cheaper international resources
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