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Awakening Productions intends to produce a wide range of audio visual products in these categories: lectures, plays, documentaries, educational resources, comedy and printed products.

In addition to its current range of plays and lectures, it will offer fascinating high quality documentaries on such topics as world history and current affairs.

Whilst existing content can be repurposed, new works are to be produced by both Awakening Productions and an approved team of film makers from around the world.

Live comedy titles will also feature in our portfolio – we intend to purchase the rights to filmed events and produce our own. Awakening Productions in conjunction with AE2 can therefore host entire concerts, film them and release them as products through our integrated channels.

Let there be no doubt – as with every other Awakening division, Awakening Productions intends to produce products that the whole family can enjoy. We will not release products that will offend or cause embarrassment. We believe people of all ages should be able to access and enjoy our products.

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