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Comprehensive artist management and representation: AE2 caters for all types of performer including musicians, comedians, lecturers and even actors.

Live event management: AE2 handles all artist bookings — whether it’s for a live concert, a television appearance or even a album signing. We have a proven track history in organising successful live concerts around the world. Sami Yusuf’s Wembley Concert in 2007 set new standards in this sector.

AE2 manages the whole process of album production from an artist signing to releasing the album worldwide. Here is a general overview of the process:

Identify and sign artist
Work with the artist on the selection of songs and material
Hire composers, lyricists, producers and arrangers as needed
Oversee the recording of the album and decide on final album track-list
Select song(s) to be shot as music video(s), hire director and crew and shoot video
Arrange artist photo-shoot
Design album cover and artwork with website
Start marketing and promotion
Release album and distribute it internationally

Awakening Records identifies their artists and produces their albums, while Awakening Entertainment manages the artists as their booking agent securing live performances for them and ensuring that their concerts and live performances go smoothly.

AE2 artist managers often recommend artists to Awakening Records and there is a general symbiotic and cooperative working atmosphere between the two divisions.

AE2 will expand rapidly in the next few years bringing new artists, new live concerts and new experiences for all to enjoy. The Islamic world possesses a great body of talent. It is our goal to look out for tomorrow’s hit singers, comedians and lecturers. As always we’re here not only to represent and promote this talent, but to nurture always with an eye on the future.

With ever more artists benefiting from the representation of AE2, we hope to attract artists from other labels and concerns - targeting those individuals who we feel, would progress more successfully in our organisation. We have already successfully attracted established artists from other record labels during 2009.

We’re looking at bringing a wholly new type of concert to the Islamic market. We want to include the ‘wow’ factor in every concert we organise – incorporating the latest in sound, lighting and visual effects. As with the other Awakening divisions, we wish to set new standards in every way possible.

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